Murano Design, artistic glass manufacturer

Murano Design was established by some young glass-masters with a twenty-year experience in glassblowing craft in different furnaces in Murano, the symbol of glass manufacturing art in the world.
The masters produce artistic glassware of unique shapes and colours, made with different techniques such as incalmo, filigree and murrina, both in classic Venetian style and personal design. Our brand guarantees the high quality and the originality of our handmade products.

azienda Murano Design

Certificate of authenticity

Murano Design has always been very attentive to the final quality of his creations. For this reason, every single item produced is signed by the master and subjected to thorough inspection. Only if the object created passes this quality test, a label that certifies the authenticity is applied and is carefully packed in elegant packages suitable for international shipments.

etichetta certificato di qualità
Etichetta logo Murano Design